Click on the following links to access a summary of each of NIPEC’s current work and projects, also listed in NIPEC’s Business Plan 2015 – 2016. Previous NIPEC projects and all publications can be found at

Promote High Standards of Practice among Nurses & Midwives
Community Maternity Care Project
Evidencing Care through Key Performance Indicators for Nursing and Midwifery
Implementation of DHSSPS Professional Framework for Mental Health Nursing
Recording Care – Evidencing Safe and Effective Care
Promote High Standards of Education among Nurses & Midwives
Quality Assurance of DHSSPS Commissioned Development and Education Activity
Quality Assurance Framework: Evaluating the Impact in Practice of Commissioned Education Programmes
Regional Scoping of Induction Programmes for Nurse and Midwives (Band 5)
Promote the Professional Development of Nurses & Midwives
Career Framework for Diabetes (Adult) Specialist Practice Nursing Roles
Career Pathway for Older People’s Nursing
Develop a Career Framework for Specialist Practice Nurses
Support Quality 2020 Co-Chair with the implementation of the Attributes Framework
NI Action Plan: Strengthening the Commitment
Professional Framework for Emergency Care Nursing
Regional Career Pathway Governance Group
Regional Record for the Supervision of Midwifery Practice
New Model of Midwifery Supervision
Provide Advice, Guidance and Information on Best Practice and Matters relating to Nursing & Midwifery
Delivering Care: Nurse Staffing in Northern Ireland
Guidance for Professional Staff working in Integrated Care Teams
Independent & Voluntary Forum
Professionalism in Nursing and Midwifery
Governance & Performance
High Level and Operational Risk Register
NIPEC Business Plan 2015-2016
Equality & Disability