Promote High Standards of Practice among Nurses & Midwives
 Development of Regional Statement on Abbreviations
 Impact Measurement of the Respiratory Competence Assessment Tool (R-CAT)
 Impact Measurement of Promoting Good Nutrition Resources
 Implementation of Revalidation for Nurses and Midwives in NI
 Midwives and Medicines
 Patient Experience Project
 Promoting Good Nutrition
 Record Keeping Practice Framework for Health Care Support Workers
 Respiratory Project
 Review of Respiratory Competence Assessment Tool (RCAT)
 Strategic Framework for Enhancing Practice Development in NI
 Promote High Standards of Education among Nurses & Midwives
 Core Training Competency Framework for Nurses and Midwives in Relation to Safeguarding Children
 DHSSPS Health Care Acquired Infection Initiative
 Gateway to Nursing
 Essence of Care Project
 Evaluation of the Infrastructure to support Learning and Assessment in Practice
 Evidencing Care: Improving Record Keeping Practice
 In-House Teaching Activities Quality Assurance Process Self – Assessment Tool
 Learning Agreement Template
 Learning Needs Analysis
 NMC Standards Project
 Process to evaluate DHSSPS commissioned Post-Registration Education
 Pre-registration Learning & Assessment in Practice: Independent and Voluntary Sector Placements
 Review of DHSSPS Commissioned Cancer Education Programmes
 Review of Nurse Training & Development Needs within the HSC and Independent & Voluntary Sector
 Promote the Professional Development of Nurses & Midwives
 Advanced Nursing Practice Framework
 Career Pathway for Senior Nurse Leads in Hospital at Night
 Clinical Nurse Specialist Job Planning Toolkit
 Clinical Supervision Project
 Competency Profile for Nurses and Midwives
 Development Framework
 Development Framework Implementation Project
 Development of Competence Asessment Tool for Nurses and Midwives
 Development of Professional Guidance for Consultant Nurse and Midwife Roles
 DHSSPS Workforce Plan for Nursing & Midwifery 2015-2025
 Guiding Principles of Preceptorship
 Introduction of the Ward Sister/Charge Nurse Support Officer Role
 Impact Measurement of the Leading Care Resources
 Impact Measurement: Safeguarding Children & Young People – Core Competency Framework
 Leading Care: Ward Manager Project (2009-2010)
 Leading Teams: Regional Team Leader Project
 Leading Teams: Regional Team Leader Implementation
 Mental Health Nursing Competency Framework for Recovery Orientated Practice
 Modernising Nursing Careers & Midwifery 20:20
 Promoting Recovery Orientated Practice Across Mental Health Services
 Refresh of the NIPEC Development Framework
 Review of Midwifery Supervision NI
 Undergraduate Access to Degree Level Study Accredited Prior Learning (APL)
 Provide Advice, Guidance and Information on Best Practice and Matters relating to Nursing & Midwifery
 A Partnership for Care. Northern Ireland Strategy for Nursing and Midwifery 2010-2015
 Assess the Impact and Status of Nurse Prescribing
 Development of a Regional Preparation Programme for Maternity Support Workers
 Development of Health Care Support Worker Roles Supporting Nursing (2013-2014)
 Northern Ireland Career Pathway for Nursing and Midwifery
 Nurse Prescribing Project
 Project Development of an Attributes Framework for Health and Social Care
 Promoting Nursing and Midwifery Careers
 Regional Bereavement Guidance
 Review of the Management of Aggression and Violence Training for Nurses and Midwives
 Review of Manchester Triage System
 Review of the Impact of the Maternity Support Worker Role
 Supervision Standards for Nursing Project
 Update of NIPEC online portfolio