Equality Scheme
Our Equality Scheme specifies how we plan to meet our duties under Section 75 (NI Act 1998).
Our revised Equality Scheme was published in May 2011, following a 12-week period of consultation on this and an Audit of Inequalities. In partnership with the BSO Equality Unit, we have developed an Easy Read version of our scheme and a Summary scheme for our staff. For our response to comments received during the consultation period, please click here. A 5 year review of our Equality Scheme has recently been undertaken and a report forwarded to the NI Equality Commission.Our Equality Scheme lists a number of measures we need to implement to ensure that we fully meet these duties- please click here to view these measures and how these have been achieved. In our Equality Scheme we committed to undertaking an audit of our information systems to identify the extent of current monitoring of section 75 information and take action to address any gaps. Click here to see the outcome of our audit.
Annual Equality Progress Report
Each year we review and report on progress on the implementation of the statutory duties under Section 75 of the NI Act 1998 and progress on the implementation of the positive duties under Section 49A of the Disability Discrimination Order (DDO) 2006. Annual Progress Report for 2016-17
has now been published.
Disability Action Plan
Like other public bodies, NIPEC is required when carrying out its functions to have due regard to:

  • Promote positive attitudes towards people and;
    Encourage participation by disabled people in public life.

Our Disability Action Plan was published in 2013, following a 3 month consultation exercise – a report of the Consultation Feedback is available. Our Disability Action Plan shows how we propose to fulfil the disability duties in relation to our functions. In April 2015, we updated our plan which can be viewed here.

Accessible Formats Policy
In 2012-13, the regional Accessible Formats Steering Group consulted on a draft Policy for the provision of information and practical guidance for staff working in health, social care and public safety. A copy of the consultation report issued by the Steering Group is available
here. Based on the feedback received, a final policy template was issued by the Steering Group. We have adapted this template to reflect our role and functions and outlined how we will endeavour to meet out commitment to improving access to our information. Click here to view our policy which is also available in Easy Read.
Audit of Inequalities/Equality Action Plan
To address issues arising from the Audit of Inequalities, we developed an Action Plan, which was reviewed and amended following a 3 month consultation exercise.
A report of the Consultation feedback can be viewed by clicking here. Our revised Action Plan for 2013-2018 is reviewed and updated on an annual basis.
Equality Screening
Screening is the process by which the impact of policies on different groups of people (ie. the nine categories under Section 75) is initially reviewed. The Equality Commission states that for each policy, the following criteria must be considered:-

  • What is the likely impact on equality of opportunity for those affected by this policy, for each of the Section 75 equality categories? (minor/major/none)
    Are there opportunities to better promote equality of opportunity for people within the Section 75 equality categories?
    To what extent is the policy likely to impact on good relations between people of a different religious belief, political opinion or racial group? (minor/major/none)
    Are there opportunities to better promote good relations between people of a different religious belief, political opinion or racial group?

The equality Unit at the Business Services Organisation provides a range of equality services to NIPEC, including publishing our Equality and Human Rights Screening documentation- you can access this by clicking here.


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